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Florence came to us when our daughter was four months old. We had been using another baby nurse until that time, but the nurse had not been able to get the baby on a schedule. Furthermore, the baby seemed to be having unexplained feeding issues. She would cry uncontrollably when given a bottle at any time, except in the middle of the night. Within the first 15 minutes, Florence was able to break down our daughter's issues for us. Within the first day, our baby was eating well and taking bottles again during the day. Florence was only with us for 5 days and by the time she left, the baby was on a very good day schedule and was sleeping 10-11 hours at night. We are so thankful to Florence!





Florence made my first 3 weeks as a new mother much easier to handle and has an incredible way of working with newborns.


In first speaking with Florence, she explained to me that she works hard to teach the babies the "difference between day and night," so as to help ensure restful nights for all. By the end of her visit (or shortly thereafter), our son was pretty much sleeping through the night and we know we would not have accomplished this without Florence's assistance.


Florence also took care of all needs related to our son and made sure that my husband and I practiced what she had taught us so that we'd feel as comfortable as possible when she left. We feel that the structure Florence helped us create has benefited our entire family, and most importantly, our baby boy.


Florence is a gem and we give her our most respectful recommendation.


-- Debbie Zeichner

Florence is worth her weight in gold. She came to our home to help after the birth of our second daughter.  Bringing home a newborn can be overwhelming; Florence made sure the transition was smooth for every member of our family.  She made sure I was able to heal and recover after giving birth; when I had some problems breast-feeding, Florence was there to give sound advice; Florence helped our 3 1/2 year old adjust to having a baby sister in our home; and, most of all, she was able to get our baby on a feeding/nap/play/sleeping schedule that worked for our family.
Within 5 weeks, our baby was sleeping through the night, and she's been a champion sleeper ever since!  Florence kept meticulous notes and made sure that my husband and I learned her soothing, feeding, sleeping, and stimulating techniques.  Florence's expertise and advice is unmatched, and my husband and I highly recommend her.
-- Lucy Fl

From the moment she walked into my home and picked up our baby Madalyn, she exuded a sence of calm. The way she spoke to our baby, the way she listened to her cues, the way she so delicately touched her skin, sshe was an angel. She taught me not only how tobe a confidant mother, but she taught me how to understand my child's needs and to adapt.


Florence came back for my second child Brooklyn and was awesome as before!


-- Amy,Geoffrey,  Madalyn & Brooklyn


We were also glad to meet with Florence Jacqueline's services and discuss the care of our newborn. We certainly respect her abilites in the care of newborn children. we were so impressed that we recommended her services to other family members that also taken advantage of her service and were extremely pleased.


We both will highly recommend Florence's service anad be glad to be available to answer any questions that any prospective client might have.

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