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Baby's List from Hospital to home!



1 "take me home" outfit

8 bodysuits

4 coveralls (one peice footed outfits)

1 sweater

6 pair of socks

2 large hooded towels

6 sleep gowns with elastic bottom

2 sleep sacks (serve as safe blankets)

lots of burp cloths

4 receiving blankets

2 mittens

coat, knit hat, snowsuit, brimmed sun hat (depending on climate)


The Nursery


firm mattress

2 sheet protector or matress pad

3 to 4 fitted crib sheets (ideally with elastic all around, not just the corners)

monitor (unless you live in a small home)

dresser with changing area


glider (better than rocking chair)

diaper pail or disposal unit

small hamper (or laundry bag)



infant car seat

infant tub

diaper bag

stoller that allows your newborn to fully recline

bouncy seat (optional but nice to have)

play yard (play pen is what we used to call them!)


Baby Care

diapers (just a pack or two of the newborn size) or cloth

baby wipes (unscented)

diaper rash cream with zinc oxide & triple paste

digital rectal thermometer

infant acetaminophen

nasal aspirator (snot sucker)

alcohol wipes to clan the thermometer

disposable washclothes or 3 to 4 regular ones

all in one baby shampoo/wash

baby lotion

petroleum jelly

sterile cotton balls

baby nails emery boards

mild laundry detergent



smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

outlet covers


Bottle Feeding


3 to 6 small bottles

3 to 6 large bottles

bottle drying rack

bottle brush (with nipple brush attatched)

Bottle sterilizer (optional)



breast pump

nursing pads

nursing pillow

can of formula in case of emergency

freezer storage containers or bags

nipple cream                                         

4 bottles

1 nursing bra (you might get bigger after delivery)


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